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2019-7-10 14:26

  中联肝健康促进中心(China Liver Health,CLH)成立于2016年9月,是经中华人民共和国民政部批准成立具有独立法人地位的全国性社会服务机构,业务主管单位是国家民政部。




Introduction to China Liver Health
  China Liver Health (CLH) is established in September, 2016 with the approval of Ministry of Civil Affairs of the People’s Republic of China. Under the charge of Ministry of Civil Affairs, it is a non-profit social institution engaged in scientific popularization, public aid and health promotion for liver health.
  CLH is initiated by Professor Zhuang Hui from Peking University Health Science Center, also an academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, a famous expert in infectious disease and a main promoter for newborn hepatitis B vaccination in China. The establishment of CLH receives guidance and assistance from government departments including the Ministry of Civil Affairs and National Health and Family Planning Commission, and professional organizations like the World Health Organization (WHO), Chinese Foundation for Hepatitis Prevention and Control and Chinese Medical Association. Jia Jidong, Hou Jinlin, Wei Lai and other distinguished experts also provide ardent supports.
  Professor Wei Lai, the director of Peking University Hepatology Institute and former chairman of Chinese Society of Hepatology under Chinese Medical Association, is nominated as the first chairman of CLH jointly by organizers, investors, staff representatives and business units. Professor Zhuang Hui serves as the honorary chairman.
Our Mission
  In compliance with the constitution, laws, regulations, national policies and social morality, CLH is engaged in liver health promotion for the whole society, especially targeting at young people, children, the elderly and vulnerable groups, so as to make contributions to the improvement of prevention and control for liver diseases.
  In recent decades, China has made great achievements in public health sector. However, various types of liver diseases are still a serious threat to the health of general public, including infectious diseases caused by viruses like hepatitis B and hepatitis C and also chronic diseases associated with unhealthy lifestyles like fatty liver and alcoholic liver disease. Liver diseases not only bring about huge social burden and impoverish a number of patients, but also make many patients suffer from psychological problems due to social discrimination against them.
  The prevention and control of liver diseases needs efforts from the social system. In addition to scientific immunization and standard treatment in the medical sector, it is necessary to develop health education and popularize knowledge of liver health for the pubic and provide public aid for the elderly, young, poor, sick and infected people.
  As the only social service institution in liver health nationwide, CLH aims to build a platform for the cooperation among relevant experts, volunteers and institutions to raise public’s awareness of liver health, promote prevention and standard diagnosis and treatment for liver diseases, reduce the burden of disease and eliminate social discrimination against patients with hepatitis.
Our Services
  CLH specializes in academic exchanges, scientific popularization promotion, book editing, survey and research, international cooperation and advisory services in the field of liver health promotion, including:
  1) Cooperating with medical colleges, professional societies, foundations, research institutes, medical institutions and pharmaceutical enterprises to carry out liver health promotion activities in primary hospitals, communities and schools;
  2) Organizing and mobilizing volunteers to carry out medical training, immunoprophylaxis, disease diagnosis and treatment, patient education and relevant media publicity, based on the service needs of doctors, patients and medical institutions; 
  3) Promoting scientific research in the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of liver diseases and carrying out professional training and technical consultation under the guidance of liver specialists as well as undertaking national or international projects and researches in the field of liver health.
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